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Neff B57VS24N0B Built In Slide And Hide Single Pyrolytic Oven With Variosteam


NEFF: 2019 Neff B57VS24N0B Electric Convection Single Oven —

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  • 4.1″ TFT colour and graphics display with ShiftControl
  • Illuminated Shift Control
  • Cavity inner surface: Enamel anthracite
  • Slide&Hide® with rotating handle


  • Control panel lock
    Automatic safety switch off
    Residual heat indicator
    Start button
    Door contact switch
  • Temperature proposal
    Actual temperature display
    Heating up indicator
    Sabbath setting
  • Baking and roasting assistant, Automatic programmes
  • LED light
  • Water tank empty indicator
  • Quadruple glazed door


  • Pyrolytic cleaning
  • EasyClean
  • De-scaling programme
  • Full glass inner door


  • 13 heating methods: CircoTherm®, CircoTherm® Gentle, Top/bottom heat, Conventional heat Gentle, Hot air grilling, Full surface grill, Centre surface grill, CircoTherm® intensive , Bread baking, Bottom heat, Low temperature cooking, Defrost, Keep warm
  • Additional heating methods with steam: Reheat, Dough proving
  • Additional functions:
    De-scaling programme
    Drying function
  • Number of automatic programmes: 14 PC
  • Rapid heat
  • Cooling fan


  • 1-level flexible telescopic rail, full extension, Stop function
  • 2 x combination grid, 1 x universal pan

Performance/technical information

  • Energy efficiency rating (acc. EU Nr. 65/2014): A
    Energy consumption per cycle in conventional mode: 0.9 kwh
    Energy consumption per cycle in fan-forced convection mode: 0.74 kwh
    Number of cavities: Main cavity
    Heat source: electrical
    Cavity volume: 71 litre
  • 1 l Water tank capacity
  • Location of the steam generator is outside of the cavity
  • Total connected load electric: 3.45 KW
  • Temperature range 40 °C – 275 °C
  • Length of mains cable: 120 cm
  • Nominal voltage: 220 – 240 V
  • Appliance dimension (hxwxd): 595 mm x 596 mm x 548 mm
  • Niche dimension (hxwxd): 585 mm – 595 mm x 560 mm – 568 mm x 550 mm
  • Please refer to the dimensions provided in the installation manual



Manufacturer: Neff
Range: Premium, Slide & Hide
Product type: Oven
Product sub section: Single steam combi pyro
Fitting: Built in
Warranty on parts (In years): 2
Warranty on labour (In years): 2
Cabinet width (mm): 600
Height (mm): 595
Width (mm): 596
Depth (mm): 548

Special features

Slide and Hide – Our unique Slide and Hide door fits smoothly under the oven to give plenty of room, as well as better access to the ovens interior – ensuring an easy and flexible approach to cooking.

CircoTherm – Circotherm draws air in from the oven via a powerful fan, heats up the air and forces it back into the cavity via strategically placed ducts in the rear wall. A complete 3 course meal can be cooked at the same time on three shelf levels with out flavours intermingling. CircoTherm gives you 3 cooking levels.

Pyrolytic Self Cleaning – Pyrolytic cleaning is a self-cleaning system for ovens. The process burns off any deposits from baking, roasting and grilling. You are left with a perfectly clean oven and a residue of fine ash that is easily removed with a damp cloth. Even the wire racks and universal pan clean themselves.

Vario Steam – VarioSteam gives dishes just the right amount of moisture by adding steam at three intensity levels, for baking, roasting or just heating up. Foods come out with more intense flavour and an appetising appearance

ComfortFlex – Lift hot dishes safely and comfortably out of the oven. You can grasp the tray or dish from the side for more safety when handling. The rails can be moved around easily and positioned in the oven at any of the four levels you prefer

Shift Control – Is ideal for cooks who prefer the convenience of a traditional rocker switch. Our large and medium TFT screens feature a colour display for even easier operation.

Baking and Roasting Assistant – This innovative assistant makes preparing a variety of dishes even easier and more convenient. For each one, the Baking and Roasting Assistant serves up a cooking suggestion at the touch of a button. It also recommends the ideal heating mode, temperature and time, to ensure perfect results. The Baking and Roasting Assistant keeps you informed of the time remaining. Naturally, you can change all of the suggestions to give dishes a personal touch.

CircoTherm Eco – Optimised for cooking and baking on one level only for maximum energy efficiency. Opting for this setting saves 30% energy when compared to the maximum consumption allowed for A rated models, perfect for frozen or convenience foods, bread, cakes and meat.

Top and Bottom Heat – Providing conventional cooking heat sources at the top and bottom of the oven. Heat travels to the centre of the oven by natural conduction. Ideal for baking pastries and scones.

Conventional Heat Eco – This setting heats the centre of the oven for single shelf cooking. The oven maintains the average temperature in a more economical way by cutting out the on/off thermostat so the oven cooks on residual heat.

Circo Roasting – An ideal function for cooking meat and poultry if you require a rotisserie result. The grill and fan distribute heat alternately reducing cooking times by 35-40%.

Full Surface Grill – The grill element is situated in the oven roof. It is thermostatically controlled and will cycle on and off to maintain the required temperature.

Centre Surface Grill – You can use just the centre section of the grill for smaller quantities.

Defrost – The CircoTherm fan circulates air through the oven to speed up defrosting times while retaining food colour and moisture. Ideal for delicate foods as well as fish and poultry.

Bread Baking – Bread baking temperature varies between 180 deg C and 220 deg C. Ideally suited to baking crusty bread with an open texture. Up to three levels of bread can be baked at the same time.

Bottom Heat – Providing heat from the bottom of the oven, for more focused heat and control. This method is ideal for pizza bases and pastry cases where you need a crispy underside or bain marie and casseroles.

Low Temperature Cooking – A special setting for hob-sealed prime cuts of meat and poultry. Meat/poultry is placed in a pre-heated dish and transferred into the oven. The low temperature setting uses a fixed temperature to gently tenderise without overcooking

Keep Warm – An ideal setting for keeping food warm without drying it out before serving. Typically set between 66 deg C to 100 deg C .

CircoTherm Intensive – Uses a combination of CircoTherm and bottom heat, ideal for foods that need a crispy underside like pizzas, or speciality breads. It can also be used for one stage pastry such as lemon meringue pie, eliminating the need for blind baking.

EasyClean – For a lightly soiled oven, pour approximately 400ml of water and a drop of washing up liquid in the base of the oven and then select the EasyClean programme. It softens baked-on residue so you can just wipe it down, for fast and uncomplicated oven cleaning.

Descaling – All Neff compact steam appliances contain a descaling programme which can be set according to the hardness of your water for optimum results.

Hot Air – The fan draws air from the interior of the oven, then heats it up and forces it back into the cavity to ensure even heat distribution.

Reheat – Reheat gives the opportunity to gently warm dishes again – and thanks to the moisture in the oven, they will look and taste freshly prepared.

PowerBoost – The PowerBoost function speeds things up even more when coking for short periods of time – just put the food in and start the oven.

Automatic Programmes – Take the guesswork away with auto programmes, designed to cook or defrost your food at the touch of a button.

Sabbath Setting – Oven is automatically set to conventional heat at a temperature of 85 – 140 degrees C. You can adjust the Sabbath setting duration for between 24 to 73 hours.

Key features

Energy rating; A

Number of functions; 13

Microwave power; Not applicable

Cleaning system; Pyrolytic

Main oven capacity; 71 litres

Second oven capacity; Not applicable

Control panel type; Neff Medium TFT

Fitting type; 600mm Eye level or base housing

Slide and Hide door; Yes

Total connected load; 3.45kw

Fuse rating; 16amp

Product Special Features

4.1 Tft Colour And Graphics Display With Shiftcontrol

Circotherm Eco

Water Tank Empty Indicator

LED Light

SlideandHide Door, Softclose

Temperature Proposal

Actual Temperature Display

Heating Up Indicator

Automatic Programmes

Sabbath Settingdesign

Tft Display

Illuminated Shiftcontrol

Revolution Handle

Cavity Inner Surface: Enamel Anthracite

Oven Cleaning

Pyrolytic Cleaning


De-Scaling Programme

Standard Accessories

Pull Out System: 1-Level Flexible, Full Extension, Stop Function

Optional Accessories

2 X Combination Grid, 1 X Universal Pan

Performance/technical information

Cavity Volume: 71 Litre

Water Tank Capacity 1 Litre

Location Of The Steam Generator Is Outside Of The Cavity

Temperature Range 40 and#176;C – 275 and#176;C

Length Of Mains Cable: 120 Cm

Total Connected Load Electric: 3.45 Kw

Appliance Dimension (Hxwxd): 595 Mm X 596 Mm X 548 Mm

Niche Dimension (Hxwxd): 560 Mm – 568 Mm X 585 Mm – 595 Mm X 550 Mm

Please Reference The Built-In Dimensions Provided In The Installation Drawing

Energy Efficiency Rating (Acc. Eu Nr. 65/2014):

Number Of Cavities: 1

Heat Source: Electrical

Cavity Volume: 71 Litre

Built-In Oven With Variosteam And SlideandHide – Fuller Flavour And Unrestricted Access To The Oven Interior

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